Thomas Kane Charities

Posted at Inspirationfeed on May 6, 2020

Community resiliency and the ability to use available resources to respond to uncertain times and crisis situations can be actively promoted by philanthropists. Ideally, this work is started before a pandemic like COVID-19 strikes, but there is much that can be done, even when we are not prepared.

For some leaders, the need to help is immediate. “There’s no better time than right now to reach out and lend your hand. Community leaders and non-profits know what would be helpful, but they may not have the resources to get it,” says Thomas Kane, a personal wealth manager who lives and works in Chicago.

Thomas Kane, who has been donating to groups, providing meals to front line workers at hospitals, as well as participating in a “spread the love” effort giving temporary financial assistance to others in the service sector, goes on to suggest,  “Use your networks of business partners and other community leaders to gather information about what support is needed right now and go from there.”

For example, as schools around the country are now closed due to the pandemic, philanthropy leaders can provide funds for laptops or tablets for students who don’t have access to the technology that is necessary to stay connected to their teachers.