Thomas Kane Charities

They say that everyone is fighting a battle that they don’t talk about. Some battles are harder to fight without basic needs like food, shelter and essential human needs. A deed motivated by compassion and kindness is more meaningful than a sense of duty and obligation. A little heart and soul go a long way.

The term ‘giving back’ implies that an act and service were given to you and now you want to return the favor. “Giving back” is when you give something for the sole purpose of significantly changing someone’s life without expecting anything in return. No recognition. No gift. No benefits. That’s what it should be about.

“Giving back” is often directly linked to monetary values, but those in need appreciate the smallest acts of service that don’t require money. Lending your time to a person in need can be more powerful than giving them your change. Money can be made, but time cannot be replicated.

Lending your time to a long-term care home to speak to residents that have felt lonely over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will immediately improve their day. Lending your time to a pet shelter will instantly create wagging tails and purrs. Lending your time to reconnect with your neighbor creates a strong bond that will get them through lonely days.

Kindness can be spread in a room quicker than the negative effects of the virus.

Make a difference. A small act of charity can radically change a person’s view of the world. Extravagant gestures can be wonderful, but meaningful moments shared between you and someone that cannot repay you back are unforgettable.

Pay it forward to those less fortunate because it makes the world a better place. All of us feel experiences differently, and random acts of kindness can translate into life-changing events.
Whether you choose to help those in need with monetary donations, sharing your time with those who have lost their families or simply buying a coffee for the homeless man on the corner.

Give back so that the world can get better. One small gesture can cause a ripple effect that creates a social movement. Leave a positive impact on someone in need, and they will, in turn, leave a positive impact on someone else.

Good deeds never go unnoticed. Good deeds are contagious. Good deeds create better days.